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Pete’s Brisbane Snake Removals

Servicing Brisbane South, Brisbane East and Inner City.

Weekends 24 hours: Monday – Friday after 4pm

If you have just seen a snake on your property, keep calm and try to keep a visual on it (from a safe distance). Keep your pets and children away from the snake. Do not try to catch the snake yourself, as many snakes are misidentified resulting in people being bitten and requiring medical treatment. Most snakes will do their best to avoid you if not provoked. If the snake is in a room (e.g, a bathroom or bedroom), close the door and put a towel or sheet at the bottom of the door (to trap the snake). Call Pete as soon as you can and keep track of the snakes location.   Pete: 0433 433 181

Pete provides fast, reliable and safe removal of all types of snakes in the Brisbane South, South-East and Inner City area. With many years experience safely catching and relocating snakes, you can trust Pete to quickly remove any snake from your home or business so you can relax. 

Pete began catching snakes and lizards as a boy and his passion for reptiles shows in the careful way he handles snakes, with an uncanny ability to wrangle them out of even the tightest spot. Snakes are a crucial part of the Australian ecosystem and Pete ensures all snakes he catches are safely returned to the wild. Pete is a fully certified snake handler so you have ultimate peace of mind during and after the snake removal process.


Got an unwelcome guest that doesn’t want to leave?

Give Pete a call 

0433 433 181

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Brisbane Snake Removers

Living in New Farm you don’t expect to encounter many snakes so when a 7 foot python was lying across the gate when I needed to leave I definitely had no idea what to do. I called Pete and within 15 minutes he was in my front yard pulling a very big snake out of the veggie patch. The snake calmed down once he had it in his hands and we had the chance to have a good look and touch it – very cool. Highly recommend Pete’s Snake Removals. 


New Farm

My 3 young boys and I arrived home from the afternoon school pick-up to discover a dark snake on our front stairs. I contacted Pete and he was able to give me some reassuring advice over the phone and then make his way to ours. On arrival Pete was able to identify it as harmless tree snake. With Pete holding it safely, my boys were able to get up close and have a good look and feel of the snake, which of course was a great thrill to them. Thanks Pete. Highly recommend his services.


Camp Hill

   A selection of our most common Brisbane snakes.